A portion of our proceeds are donated to RAICES TEXAS for the release of immigrant families detained in ICE facilities.

hand poured soy candles, filled with african pride

step 1: choose a candle

step 2: choose a scent

step 3: receive, light, unwind, escape

a bespoke boutique experience: customize each candle to be filled with the scent of your choice.

always non-toxic, phthalate, lead & petroleum free. hand-poured in small batches.

Our Kremas Scent Is Here!

Perfect for the fall & holiday season. Smells like the classic Haitian holiday blend of cream, rum, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon & sugar. Pair this scent with any candle of your choice. May we suggest the Ayiti candle?

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Our Scents

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Coconut & Sea Minerals

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Bamboo & Lemongrass

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Cotton & Rain Water

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Lavender & Sage

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Sea Salt & Jasmine

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Cannabis & Sea Salt

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Our Story

L'Afrique Candle Co. was once just a dream inside of my head, so you can only imagine the joy that I feel as I share it with you. This collection was manifested through my passion to spread the pride that my Afro-Caribbean culture has given me. As a Haitian-American born and raised in NYC, I am blessed to have experienced a little piece of many African and Caribbean cultures through friends, food, music, dance, language, clothing, and more. I believe that every person you meet and every moment shared is a learning opportunity. I'm so grateful for all I've learned and shared with friends from Haiti, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Angola, Jamaica, Barbados, Sierra Leone & the list goes on. The Haitian flag reads, "L'Union Fait La Force," meaning that there is strength in unity. It is only because of what has been shared with me through African and Caribbean unity that I'm able to create and share this collection with you. My culture is my passion.  Allow me to share my love, my passion, my culture - with you.


Through our passions, we live forever. 

- Christina Marie Day, Creator

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